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Production Details

The proven technology and the expertise already available within the organization to keep it in achieving higher quality  production level in a short time:

  • Raw Material Selection: based on customer requirements or operational capacity and efficiency
  • Ordering of raw Material: as per specified composition/grade
  • Inspection of raw material: Visual, Dimensional, Chemical, Physical, NDT or other tests.
On Every Operations: (according to the production planning)

  • Sequence of operation should maintain
  • Proper drawing should follow
  • Selection of machine considering perfection and tolerance
  • Selection of workman
  • Selection of Tools and Tackles
  • Stage wise inspection on every operation
  • Final inspection after completion of every operation
  • Internal Inspection report to be made

Heat Treatment of Material: based on requirements as per application or as per customer’s  like volume, flame, Induction.

On Assembly :

  • Assembly drawing should follow
  • All individual components should check
  • Surface finish to be checked
  • Mating portion of two or more components to be checked
  • Fitment details,as per assembly drawing, to be followed
  • Final assembly dimension to be checked
  • If required test run to be performed
  • Final inspection after completion of assembly to be checked
  • Internal Inspection report to be made


How We Share Responsibility on Quality :


  • To ensure that customer’s requirements are determined and met enhance customer satisfaction
  • To formulate the quality policy and provide necessary resources to maintain quality management system
  • To work towards organisational excellence through human resources development
  • To ensure that organisation is following the path of continual improvement


  • To co-ordinate with all concerned functions for ensuring smooth production activities towards meeting customer’s requirements
  • To ensure shelving of non-conforming products and also oversee control mechanism until any condition likely to cause non-conformities is rectified


  • To prepare sales plan to ensure inspection and testing according to quality plan
  • To organisation the feed back from different segments of customers and to attend to customer complains


  • To ensure procurement of raw materials strictly as per approved specification
  • To ensure procurement of materials as required for manufacturing only from approved suppliers
  • To ensure that order is placed only on suppliers who continue to retain their quality standard  as required


  • To prepare quality plan, perform inspection and testing in accordance with quality plan and documented procedure and  also to shelving non-conformity products
  • To oversee inspection and testing in accordance with quality plan and documented procedure
  • To ensure maintenance of inspection records  and corrective actions
  • To assist in preparation, revision of quality documents and data